The Candate Study (1991)
As part of her graduate studies at JFK University in 1991, Alison Candate, M.F.C.C. (intern), conducted a survey of 31 randomly selected individuals who took the Hoffman Quadrinity Process (HQP) between the years 1985 and 1991. The survey set out to study what gains the HQP could provide for its graduates after they left the eight-day environment.

There was a wide range in the sampling of income and education, which means that factors other than educational level or financial ability have significance when measuring the degree of satisfaction as perceived by these graduates of the HQP. Similarly, the study also found that age, gender, marital status, previous therapy, previous human potential experience, or even how recently they had attended the HQP, were not determining factors in graduates' perceptions of value.

In her study, Candate concludes: "The HQP clearly fosters enhanced feelings of responsibility and control, and increased self-liking and self-acceptance."

Here are representative excerpts from that study:

Perception of Change
Percentage answering "Very True" or "Generally True"

100% - I like and accept myself more after the Process than before.

97% - The Process helped me appreciate the value of other people and my relationships with them.

97% - After the Process, I experience feelings of enjoyment, happiness, playfulness, and pleasure more frequently than before the course.

97% - The Process enabled me to open up more – to relate more intimately with others.

97% - The teaching staff handled potentially difficult situations well.

100% - During the Process, I frequently experienced feelings of peace and serenity.

91% - The Process enhanced my feelings of personal responsibility and allowed me to feel in control of my life.

88% - The Process enhanced my work so that I feel less stress.

90% - The Process enhanced my relationship with my children (computed if applicable).

92% - The Process enhanced my relationship with my spouse / significant other (computed if applicable).

97% - The Process enhanced my relationship with my parents.

Value of Program
Percentage answering "Very True" or "Generally True"

97% - The Quadrinity Process was one of the most valuable experiences I ever had.

97% - I would certainly recommend the Quadrinity Process to friends, co-workers, or family members.

91% - The Quadrinity Process was worth much more or somewhat more than the cost. (Note: the other 9% said the value was about equal to the cost.)
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